About the Internet Blueprint

Hi, and welcome to The Internet Blueprint.  This site is designed to develop bills that will help make the internet a better place for everyone.

After the success of the SOPA and PIPA protests, policymakers in DC asked us what we would do to make the internet better.  The bills on the home page begin to answer that question.  They are the beginning of a plan – a blueprint, if you will – that would strengthen and improve the way that the internet and law relate to one another.

But how does the site work?

The top part of the site contains a list of fully formed proposals.  It lists organizations and companies that support the proposal, as well as a chance for you to show your support for the proposal through social media.  Finally, each proposal lists members of Congress who support the bill.  If you don’t see your member of Congress, you can petition them to get behind it.

Where should I start?

The Internet Blueprint only works if you share the ideas that you have and vote for the ideas that you love.

Take a look at the list of completed bills.  If one sounds interesting, read the longer description.  If you think it is a good idea, see if your Members of Congress support it. If they don’t, tell them they should.

Once you have seen the bills, take a look at the ideas proposed by the community.  If you would like to see those ideas turned into bills, create an account and vote for them.  If you have an idea that isn’t on the list, create an account and add it.

Finally, if you an organization interested in endorsing a bill let us know at internetblueprint@publicknowledge.org.